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InBalance 300 is a Body Composition Analyzer which can access the data anytime, anywhere via app or web. Lees meer

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InBalance 300 is a  differentiated product with 4 multiple frequencies, which measures 20 different impedance values.
It stores the data in server by wired / wireless networks, and can be accessible in real time.

Accurate Body Composition Analysis
InBalance 300 offers precise analysis of body compositions in consideration of individual weight, height, gender, age, and diagnose obesity.

Precise Measurement
Using Multiple Frequencies InBalance 300 uses 4 frequencies (5㎑, 50㎑, 100㎑, 250㎑), and offers actual impedance value.

Tetrapolar 8-point tactile BIA method
4 each tactile points in hands and foots, and 2 frequencies provide more precise analytic results.


  • Body Composition Analysis: Body composition data is offered in comparison with average values of standard range.
  • Rich Information about Fat & Muscle: Muscle mass, skeletal muscle mass, fat mass and fat free mass are presented.
  • Obesity Analysis: BMI, percent body fat and obesity degree are analyzed for obesity diagnosis.
  • Abdominal Diagnosis; Determination of abdominal obesity type by measuring waist-hip ratio and visceral fat.
  • Segmental Analysis: Fat and muscle mass of the 5 different segments (trunk, arms and legs) in comparison with standard values are presented.
  • Overall Assessment: The outcome of measured data is shown as a point out of 100 and a grade 1 to 5 for simple and easy understanding.
  • Body Composition Ratio: Body water, protein, mineral and fat free mass are shown with standard range.
  • Guide for Weight Control: The weight control should be based on height, measured fat mass and muscle mass, which can be used to set proper goal of weight.
  • Guide for Calorie Control: Information of basal metabolic rate and recommended daily calorie is useful to control daily food consumption and calorie intake.
  • History to check the changes: The 5 recent measuring data is listed by its own recording function, which is useful information to maintain weight control.

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